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Early in the 14th year of our lord (05.02.03), Aeroflot joined Gaming Forums. He spent the first few months, in the CoD forum, with the name Pathfinder, looking for tips on how to mod the game. As soon as he grew balls, 'Pathfinder' created a new account under the name 'Aeroflot,' and started the reak havic on the general population of Gaming Forums. Aeroflot left the forums for several months until he came back in mid-2004. He hung around for a while, getting his Pathfinder/Aeroflot accounts merged together. This is when Aeroflot's join date got screwed up. He actually joined (05.01.03.) Pathfinder, as Aeroflot was called now, became a staff member on FN and was site admin for OFPFiles, HaloFiles, and TribesVengeanceFiles (and had other staff roles on other sites, too.) Pathfinder gained mod status on GF and assistant Network Admin on FN. Again, Pathfinder changed his name to Dobry Wieczor (meaning good evening in Polish - which sounds really cool.) Sadly, Dobry got lazy and left GF and FN for about a month - losing all of his status.

After some time as Dobry, he started to get bored of his name. So, he created another second account, Aeroflot. When the hacker dude got control of Dobry's Aeroflot account, AzH merged the Dobry and Aeroflot accounts. Now Dobry was Aeroflot again.

Currently, Aeroflot is known as Aeroflotte. 'Flotte' means fleet in German. Aeroflotte is like a communist-nazi split in personality.

General Info

  • Male
  • Caucasian
  • 18
  • Lives in Nacogdoches, Texas
  • Speaks some German and Spanish
  • Anti-Religion
  • Forestry major
  • Nazi?


For about 30 seconds, lol!

Aeroflot basically got away with murder by posting a thread in the General Discussion which attacked the Babe Forum staff for being fucking retarded. Only a handful of people got to see the thread before Donutz deleted it, but it was a good thread. Well, anyways, Donutz gave Aeroflot the temp ban, but AzH raised the ban, because Aeroflot is so megacool like that.

NOTE: Someone made a copy of that thread. If you wish to add it to this page, go ahead.


  • Pathfinder
  • Aeroflot
  • Dobry Wieczor
  • Pathfinder05
  • Aeroflotte
  • Nacht Jaeger

And about a dozen others created when trying to steal the 100,000 member account - which Aeroflot did manage to take, but Riles stole it soon after. Aeroflot wasn't very happy.

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