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Primarily known for blatant stupidity, ANZACSAS's other major claim to fame can be seen in the Cool Australian Club (Parts 1 and 2). Post count above 4,400, and as yet has not managed to get permabanned. Believed to have sold body to jackthehammer, though the transaction has not been confirmed due to geographical differences.

Anzy's banning

In middle 2007 Anzacsas got banned for reasons not completely known by the normal members. This brought an uproar in the general community, even a few staff members didn't agree with the decision that had been made. Though many didn't openly admit this to the common members. He then made a second account and posted a thread in the spam forum to assault a staff member, who will not be named by me, this in turn had him perma-banned.

To stop the confusion the staff posted this in his signature: "I was stupid enough, despite several warnings to get my self banned. First I was generally rude in a thread, which got me temp banned. Then I came back with another account just so I could post in vengeance against one of the moderators . And that upgraded my temp-ban to a permanently ban."

Many threads have been erected to remember him and he will never be forgotten by those who knew and loved him.

Kudos to you Anzy <3

Sovereign002 @21 July 2007

He Lives on I Guess!

Maybe not in Gamingforums, but in the Lurking Mastermind and The Rogue Forums! Give us a visit, motherfucker, and say hi to Anzy!


Someday in 2007.

Anzy will never truly die, he will be a forum image for many years to come, or so I hope. What started off at GF (and is now slowly fading away when newer generations join the ranks) now lives on at LMM and TRF, where Anzy is a familiar face. And trust me when I tell you: he hasn't changed a bit, thank God for that. ~Someone, 22nd October 2007

Anzacsas is my sexy. ~fetter, 24 december 2007

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