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Joined Gaming Forums August 19th, 2003, coincidentally on the same day as the member Aeg. Mainly stayed in the basic game forums, such as the Doom 3 Forums, or MOH, BF1942, or CoD forums. Ironically, he didn't know the other forums such as The Pub, General Discussion, etc even existed until about a year later. Eventually he branched out into the forums, getting to know more and more members, beginning to make something of a "reputation" for himself as a more established member. Noteable events include bringing the light of The Word of NEDM to Gaming Forums, being a member of the S.P.A.M Party, rather then a Fruit party, being one of the more usual Spam Forum-goers, and becoming a Moderator of the Age of Empires, LOTR BFME, Elder Scrolls, Pub, and General Discussion forums. Currently supports the belief of Free-Spam, and moderates The Elder Scrolls, The Pub, and General Discussion.

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