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Joined GamingForums on January 31st in 2004, and was most active during the summer of 2004, which saw some awesome members (TheSaint, Mac Daddy, Punk Rawker, Biggus, MoR and many, many more).

He became staff on 10th September in 2004, and has been a moderator for 2 years now. He began as a moderator of the C & C Forums, working along side Mac Daddy. He later took the position of moderator of the Deus Ex forums. Then he was appointed as moderator of General Gaming, working along side Lord Wiener. LW soon became a supermod, and now General Gaming is moderated by Knippschild, STALKER, bear187 and SovietPower.

Also a member of the Muse-are-awesome club. Which is not a real club, but its just a collection of people who think Muse are awesome. I bet you'll never guess who wrote this...

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