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Semi-prominent member of the forums, who is most likely to be seen in his natural habitat wandering the Spam Forum and joining in common comradery with some of his greatest allies in Spam, such as Red Menace and SeinfeldRules. He is also known to visit the Babe Forum, General Discussion, and Entertainment occasionaly.
Joining in October of 2004, Vantage discoverd the forums at what is argued to be the tail end of one of its greater peaks of member enjoyment and member/staff cooperation. Confused and led astray through the trials of the noob, such as the overration to reputation, grammatical problems, and links to tubgirl and lemonparty, he came through a tough initiation and cleaned up his act enough to become a fairly worthy contributing individual.

It has been rumored that Vantage has had various short-lived alternate usernames throughout the years, including but not limited to DemonChild and Kiien (the latter he may have used to curse himself out in a ironic display of self-degrading humor).

Reality Status

Vantage's supposed real life persona "Cody" is rumored to be a 17 year-old male stationed somewhere in the Southeast United States. While these facts can be neither confirmed or denied, it can be confirmed there are a lot of rednecks in his current location and that he has a strong dislike of the Confederate flag(s). He enjoys music, writing, photography, italian food, and hot women women with exotic accents.

In terms of video games, Vantage enjoys Half-Life 2 and Halo 2 as his primary go-to shooters even in recent times. He also enjoys a few oddball games, such as Jet Set Radio Future and Sega's hypnotic shooter Rez. Even deeper down, he has a soft spot for the retro games of his first console the Sega Genesis. Comix Zone and 2D Sonic are never far from his gaming heart.

Outside Links

Vantage's GF profile can be found here.
His deviantART profile can be found here.
The greatest website ever (non-forum) can be found here.

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