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The Stig, also known as Captain Will or Will, which is his real name; has been a member of GF since April 2006. And has thus managed to catch a glimpse of GF's grand days, alongside a number of great events like the Post Jumping (which caused quite a few of the old skool members to flee to other forums), Manatee invasion, Spam wars and a number of other events, some more important than others.

Will is known for being a Trekkie, but has slowly moved on to other Sci-fi series too. After devouring the Stargate series' DVD's it has been rumoured that he has now moved onto Battlestar Galactica, watching several episodes whenever he has the chance. Therefore it's only normal that he has an extensive Sci-Fi knowledge.

The Stig has never been into the Spam Forum all too much, rather sticking to the General Discussion, Entertainment and several of the game Sub-Forums. Nevertheless, he participated in a few of the Spam events. Such as the great hug PM attack on our Danish Admin, Dread (see Danish Mayhem (and the pruning of posts)[1] ). Resulting in him being temporarily banned.

~Sovereign002 June 30th 2008

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