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Self-proclamations made by rebornintheglory:

The coolest cat.

A known lawlasaurus and nubasaurus watcher/hunter.

False history

Even though a young member compared to some (joined January 20th, 2006), his mentality is on the brink of destruction already. Rumours have it that his brain has reached the boiling point on a few occasions, but is cooled down at an insane speed due to the most odd powers his body possess; when he plays D&D he enters a trance. He becomes almost transparent as he rolls the d20s, until he has regenerated. For each setback he has (when the brain is about to explode), his D&D-trance has been said to regenerate him fully, even his sanity is restored (as if he had never joined GF at all).

This most interesting feature of adaption and his obvious tenacity for mental abuse makes him a strong candidate for GF's upcoming survival of the fittest war, as he can take quite a beating -- although no one quite knows what his other powers in battle are, there have been some slightly shady information gathered from uncertain sources that he can grow catclaws from his hands at will (also, he can grow whiskers and a tail as a party trick). If this proves to be true, he..

.. well, who the hell knows? Let's hope it's not because that would be too freaking weird.

The Coolest Cat

'Nough said.

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You are truely the coolest cat evah <3 ~ Parrot

I love reborn! <3 ~ Gav

The best GF Cat ever *hugs* ~ Sov002

Youre not talking to me anymore..Why!!?:(-Wasturr

Comment left, you sneaky cat. <3 ~John

Hi love! -Karst

Reborn, I love you man. You've been that burning sun inside my heart that lights up my soul from day to day. -Crumbs

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