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Penguin Unit is an active member of the Gaming Forums. He has a minimal post count, due to many of his posts being in the spam forum. As a result, he appears more of a newbie than he is. He has plenty of experience on other forum boards.

Little is actually known about this enigmatic figure. Often, he borrows certain ideas, mixed with his own ideas created in the turbulent mind he owns, often referred to as "Penguin's Fortress". What is known about him is not particularly revealing, other than he belongs to several clans in various games, that he is poster who visits many boards, and uses many aliases. Penguin Unit is mentally armed with a fleet of ideas so strong, it is almost technologically impossible. His fortress is known for such things, which is probably why most don't dare to go near it, for fear of becoming one with the Craziness.


Noteable Attributes ect.

Penguin unit is one with the Craziness, a power he draws for strength. It is in many ways like the Force, in George Lucas' Star Wars franchise, except that it is much more powerful. When in use, he gains strength that is unusual for someone of his calibur. Combined with his mental well, he is more than capable of leading an army. But his greatest asset is his fortress...

"Fire at will." -Penguin Unit

Penguin Unit's exact whereabouts are unknown, but it is theorized that he is perhaps still within GF space. This is harder to prove, because his fleet is cloaked. It is known that his starships have gravity well generators, which would result in any ships encountering the fleet being captured and/or destroyed. In the past, inconsistancies in the forum backround, such as a swirling appearance like that of air on a hot day, have been observed. Many theorize this is his fleet. However, Penguin Unit himself has rarely been seen in person. He, therefore, cannot be questioned.

Extra Useless Info

1. Penguin Unit's last known location was somewhere around the Star Wars: KotOR Forums. There is no proof this is true.

2. When he was more apparent, he frequented the spam forum quite often.

3. Rumor has it he has a fleet that would rival any other in existance. This is unproven, as his fleet is rarely seen.

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