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Dr.Fritz joined the forums on July 5th, 2005. Back when it was GF 2.0. Anyway, he mostly posted in the Forgotten Hope part of the forums because thats all he knew. Then October, he came out and posted elsewhere. He became Network Staff in late October. Ironically he no longer posts in the FH part of the forums.

Dr.Fritz is officially the Forum Doctor and the Forum Jet Pilot. He works on the FileFront Network. Present: Doom 3Files Past: GhostReconFiles, HaloFiles, Half LifeFiles, StargateFiles, and NWNFiles.

He has led the infamous underdog National Apple Party to war against the Peach Party which he later joined. Then, in 2006 during the Spam Forum elections, He resurected the Sexy Donutz Club as a political party, and joined with Hurricane America, and Spam to fight the Kiwi and Peaches. However after cheating was discovered, all parties were disqualified.

Fritz has become less active on the forums, but still visits. Hopefully his activity will increase when the new Flight Simulator Files launches.

He has seen a lot on the forums. From Bloody April, The retirements of AzH and gizmo, forum updates, the return of the arcade and image gallery, the return and retirements of Donavan and Biggus Dickus, and many more.

Aside from GF, he is also active on The Rogue Forums and Lurking Mastermind

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