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Also a jolly nice bloke, the founder of this Wiki. During his spare time, Dave was a part-time pimp on GF's babe forum, and a full time spammer. Also ran the one and only licensed establishment on GF premises, the famed GamingForums Bar, which never seems to run out of alcoholic beverages...

Dave has been a member since May 29th 2003, originally registering under the name andyfromkacofony. Since that time, he has undergone many name changes, including Sir Dave, and Jedi Master DavetheFo, however, he has always returned to DavetheFo.

Previously, Dave has occupied the position of Moderator, one that he has resigned from on more than one occasion, however, he has not resigned anywhere near as much as AzH.

Also a member of the Muse-are-awesome club. Which is not a real club, but its just a collection of people who think Muse are awesome. I bet you'll never guess who wrote this...

As of the 24th of October '06 Dave has resigned as a moderator (again) and has 'retired' from forum life in favour of the outside world.

On November 30th 2006, Dave once again managed to take up moderatorship, and has also, quite fortunatly, remembered his admin password for this very GF wiki.

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